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Endless options create a stunning experience visualizing your music, whether you are a content creator or music lover.

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Icon of a computer display with a musical note on the screen
Menu system in the application Icon of a computer display with a musical note on the screen


Play your favorite music using any program or service on your computer, such as YouTube or Spotify, and Luminant Music will sync beautiful animation to the sound.

  • Select an output device, such as headphones or speakers, for a visual music experience synced to any streaming service or other media player
  • Select an input device, such as line-in, to create graphics driven by audio from other external devices
Icon of a directors cue action card
Image of Menus and navigating in the application Icon of a directors cue action card


Produce attention-grabbing music videos with extraordinary computer animation using your favorite songs. Share them online through social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

  • Produce high-quality videos with the ability to change the colors, camera settings, and more
  • Create videos effortlessly using presets, or use the advanced controls to create meticulously crafted videos with seemingly endless options for customization
Icon of a Radio
Radio Menu from Luinant Music Icon of a Radio

Internet Radio

Transform Internet radio stations into a visual experience when they are linked to Luminant Music's brilliant computer animation.

  • Choose from thousands of built-in radio stations
  • Select stations by genre
Icon of items with a musical note on them
Menu screenshot from the application Icon of items with a musical note on them


Luminant Music has a full-featured, built-in music player. Enjoy custom playlists of your favorite songs from your personal collection.

  • Play your own MP3, OGG, WAV, and AIFF music files
  • Import M3U, M3U8, and WMP playlists
  • Audio controls include loop, shuffle, fadeout, and more
  • Link tracks with particular scenes or set scenes to switch randomly
Icon of a Microphone
Screenshot of the application with microphone options Icon of a Microphone


Add striking visuals to any sound you create or record using your microphone. From live music to sound effects, use your microphone along with Luminant Music to create a celebration of sight and sound like no other.

  • Calibrate your microphone for better responsiveness
  • Use the noise-filtering feature to reduce background noise
  • Visualize any performance live